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3071 birthday dreams fulfilled, and counting...

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Current Needs:
* Delivery Drivers
* Cake Bakers
* Board & Committee Members
* Treasurer
* Office Help
* Inventory / Data Entry Help
* Web Site Development
* Development / Fundraising

You can help by:
* Donating a complete Birthday-in-a-Box.
* Donating items for an on-site party or a Birthday-in-a-Box.
* Cash donations.
* Volunteer at a party.
* Volunteer collection and/or delivery of a Birthday-in-a-Box.
* Organize a party supply drive at your place of business or church.
* Be a party coordinator

Birthday Giving link

Thank you!

Big thank you to all that attended our #GiveBIG event by The Seattle Foundation . Thank you for your generous donations and helping us promote the event.

GiveBIG 2015 Results:

  • 48 people were #BigGIVE champions, raising $3770 for Birthday Dreams.
  • Addition The Seattle Foundation stretch funds and corporate matching will help us reach our fundraising goals.
  • Overall GiveBIG 2015 raised $16.3 M, comprised of $14.3 M in online donations, $850K in challenge grants and $1.1 M in stretch dollars for local area charities
BigGive 2015
All proceeds go to support Birthday Dreams as we strive to take children off our waiting list and provide them with birthday parties. For them, a birthday party has a lasting effect. It is not just one day of happiness, but gives them a sense of hope for the future and a needed boost to their self-esteem.

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